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Why So Much Drama Over Lena Dunham Naked HBO Scenes in Girls? and Nude Scenes On HBO Show Girls:
Lena Dunham Naked and HBO Nude Scenes - As the hit HBO series Girls enters its third season, the show's nudity seems to be on everyone's minds once again. As I discussed in my past article about Lena Dunham, the quite honest and unapologetic nudity onscreen has been a frequent topic of discussion and huge point of criticism. plays the main character, Hannah. She is likely the one we see nude most often. She's been often asked about the nudity in interviews. Eventually, Dunham appeared to get annoyed by the questions. inquired Dunham exactly why the Women character she portrays "is naked so much?"
He said, "I do not get the intent of all the nudity on the show. By you especially. They're doing it to be salacious. To titillate individuals. And your character is often naked at random times for no reason."
With wishes to Girls, he just did not appear in order to wrap his head around the fact that Dunham's character is just nude for the benefit of being naked.
Dunham responded by saying,"it is a realistic expression of what it is like to be living, I believe, and I completely get it. If you are not into me, that's your problem."
One would believe that the conversation about Lena Dunham nude scenes would end t here but no such luck!
Dunham's co-producers, Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner, were actually ticked off by Molloy's question. Konnor was so mad during the interview that she could not concentrate as the conversation progressed. She interrupted to say she was "spacing out because I'm in such a fury coil about (Molloy). This idea that you'd speak with a girl like that and accuse a woman of revealing her body an excessive amount. The idea it only makes me sort of ill.
He went on to say that "Lena is confident enough to do it so we have the opportunity to talk about other issues because she is more courageous than others. If Paul Rudd said to me, 'I'm willing to be completely nude in the movie,' I would use it because it is more honest.
Lena Dunham herself interjected that "I have people nude when they're willing to do it."
Apatow after argued with Molloy and said to him, "There Is a way to word a question about the reason behind nudity on the show and it wasn't done elegantly. If you re-read it and you listen to it you will not be proud of yourself."
Molloy is apparently baffled by the producers' wrath and composed an article about it, saying he just asked out of curiosity as a TV critic. Maybe we are not getting the full meaning without hearing his tone when he asked it. But we can sort of see why they might take offense based on how he worded it and how Dunham reacted. And so, what is the purpose. As though that can be the only point of women getting naked on TV, ever.
But, he'd have a point. Since most nudity on TV these days is still based out of sexual contexts. A naked woman on TV more often than not equals hot time. On Girls, people are presented with lots of regular, realistic, nonsexual nudity, and they simply do not know what to do with it. Hannah is top-free and / or nude in lots of humorous contexts, but I think she's still merely signifying truth.
She is a little more nude than your typical super-small buddy, but I'd say it's still a lot like real life. Some women do hang out nude eating cake at home and aren't scared to wear net tops in public. Doesn't everyone have a friend that likes to be nude as much as her?
So I'd think that the number of nudity is totally suitable in the context of the show"
Perhaps we should be asking those producers, why are all of your characters covered up so frequently? Even in where nudity would be absolutely appropriate? Why do we have that again?
It is not erroneous for Molloy to ask about the artistic reasoning behind the nudity in Girls. I figure he could have worded it better. But I do believe it's become quite clear by now that there is no special significance behind the Lena Dunham Nude Scenes. As Lena says, it is simply a "realistic expression of what it is like to be alive."It Is truth, sans censorship and fabricated modesty.
Whatever the case, their strategy is apparently working as Girls has already been renewed for a fourth season. Catch the third season premiere tonight at 10 EST on HBO. You should also tweet, post and e-mail supportive comments to HBO, Lenha Dunham and to the entire Cast of Girls if you like it. Maybe by the end of of season three, folks will begin to "get it" - Nudity and the Lena Dunham nude scenes, in and of themselves, are NOT lewd, sexual or shameful! It is just life.
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